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High-speed marking galvanometer head has high photoelectric conversion rate, fast marking speed and fine marking Effect without distortion.

Wholly sealed optical path technology, low failure rate and maintenance-free.

Equipped with YAG diode side-pump laser tube, meeting diversified marking requirements.

In appearance, there are integrated and detached types for option. Enclosure design for Option.  Accord with CE standard.


Application Field

It is suitable for non-metal materials and metal materials.

It is applicable to electronics, machinery, hardware and other industries.


Technical Parameter


Laser types Diode side pump YAG laser generator
Laser power 75W
Standard marking area 70×70
Working table

Aluminum alloy working table

Working speed


Positioning accuracy ±0.1mm
Moving system Digital offline control system
Cooling system Cooling capacity 1.6 KW water chiller (different laser tube with different configuration)
Power supply AC220V ± 5% 50/60HZ
Format supported AI , BMP, PLT, DXF, DST etc.
Standard collocation Manual up & down working table
Optional collocation YAG diode side-pump lasergenerator(50W/100W), rotary device, optional marking size: 35mm×35mm、130mm×130mm、205mm×205mm